Is-Sibt, 21 ta’ Marzu 2009

Poem by Joseph Carmel Chetcuti


Dedicated to Lance Gowland (04.11.1935-06.10.2008),

driver of the truck at the first Mardi Gras.

Lance Gowland


green park was our playground

the epicenter of a pick me up

for sex crazed young men after allsorts

and undercover cops looking for rent boys


at the entrance to the hospice

in the heart of green park

we stood there facing the wall

three return soldiers

a communist, a lawyer and a rice-queen

back in a theatre of war

at a safe distance the sound of police sirens

as sister homocycle mounts sister sadie sadie the rabbi lady

and around the corner

a not so contemplative sister missionary position

distributes foil-wrapped condoms to anyone who meets her glance

all is now left for lancelot

is to wait for the sun to set down on his mardi gras

Joseph Carmel Chetcuti
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